VTec Crossbow Package
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VTec Crossbow Package

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Now Up to 440 FPS


The VTEC is a crossbow made for a target shooter that likes to hunt.  This version of Scorpyd’s Patented Reverse Draw Technology Crossbows combines the naturally more forgiving, wider axle to axle width bow assembly, like on a vertical target bow, with stock of the Ventilator.  With speed ratings up to 440 fps (175#, 400 grain arrow), the Scorpyd EXTREME Series Crossbows are the World’s fastest production crossbows!  But for target shooters, it is not about the speed, it is about the overall package.  Accuracy and consistency are the most important requirements for a target shooter.  When you combine the unmatched balance, precision, smoothness, and versatility of Reverse Draw Technology with the Industry’s best rated trigger, this makes Scorpyd Crossbows the World’s best shooting experience!  Though all Scorpyd Crossbows are capable of 1″ groups at 100 yards, the VTEC is a target shooters dream, but keep in mind, it also makes an extremely lethal hunting weapon.  Choose the poundage and speed you need for where you are shooting, whether it be in the unlimited classes where speed is not limited, to the indoor leagues where you have to obey a speed limit,, you can not beat a Scorpyd!

Scorpyd VTEC Features

  • Patented Reverse Draw Technology
  • Kempf-Tec Trigger (Patented)
  • 18 3/4″ Power Stroke
  • 15 7/8″ axle to axle cocked
  • 35 1/2″ overall length
  • 8.4# mass weight without accessories
  • Folding Stock
  • Anti-DryFire device (Patented)
  • MIM Trigger Components
  • Manual Safety
  • Forged Riser
  • Barnsdale Laminated Limbs
  • Titanium Fasteners
  • ViperX Strings and Cables
  • Vented Barrel
  • Vented Forearm
  • MIL Spec Type III Anodize
  • Perfect Balance


  • Scorpyd VTEC Crossbow in your choice of Draw Weight
  • Hawke 1.5X5 X 32IR Illuminated Scope standard, other scopes available on request.
  • 4 Arrow Quiver
  • Limbsaver Kodiak Sling
  • Sling Studs
  • Short Sled Cocker
  • String Stops
  • Bowjax Limb Dampers
  • 6 Arrows (Scorpyd Black Eagle Arrows .001)
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