Grim Reaper X-bow Mechanical Broadhead
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Grim Reaper X-bow Mechanical Broadhead

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For over 19 years the Grim Reaper original "Razortip" has proven itself in the field as a force to be reckoned with. The Razortip's .035" thick 440 solid stainless steel blades combined with new aircraft-grade aluminum ferules make it the toughest, sharpest, best-penetrating Grim Reaper broadhead ever! Screw one on today and "WATCH 'EM DROP"!.  Thes broadheads stay closed in flight at 460+ fps (Scorpyd’s fastest crossbows), yet open on a milk jug when shot from a 20lb kids bow!

Available as 100 or 125 Gr. Razortip 3 blade 1 1/2" cut. 3 pack plus one practice head.

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