Firenock AeroBolt II 200 with no Points (6-pk)
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Firenock AeroBolt II 200 with no Points (6-pk)

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The AeroBolt™ II-200 (AB2-200)
AB2-200 crossbow arrow is engineered and designed for general purpose.  AB2-200 can achieve maximum flight stability and maximum speed with AeroPoint as well as Aerodynamic design broadhead such as Traumahawk. AB2-200 is offered in lengths from 20 to 26 inches and is built with 0.001" straightness shaft.  The weight of AB2-200 with AeroPoint, AeroInsert, and Hybrid Insert is 325 grain excluding nock and point.  The amazing straight flight of AB2-200 is due to AB2-200 has a variable spine design (as a result of effect of Hybrid Insert System), its spine in the front is 0.060" and at the back is 0.200". As a quality mark of Aerobolt II, they are spine indexed, hand marked with weight, length and

  • Aerovnae II fletched with Aerovane Jig
  • AeroInsert-D AID20A Insert
  • AeroConcept CTI310 Inner Tube 7.5
  • Q nocks
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