Black Eagle Arrows Luma Arrows (3-pk)
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Black Eagle Arrows Luma Arrows (3-pk)

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The Lumen-Arrow is an assembly of a 100% carbon shaft, selected and prepared for optimum Lumenok function, and the Lumenok Caputure Nock that is built to withstand repeated use without failure.  The new Lume-Arrows allows for easy battery replacement and light weighs.  The Lumen-Arrow is a tough but lightweight all carbon shaft that is 22 inches long, fletched with Vantech vanes and is straight within .003 of an inch.  These shafts have been hand squared on the nock end and are all spine-aligned to eliminate variables in flight.  This is work not performed on other factory prepared shafts, but with the unmatched visibility of the Lumen-Arrow we did not want to risk these small variables be left to chance.  All that is left up to the user is to cut the arrow to length, glue in the tip insert and screw on a point.  All shaft prep on the nock end of the shaft has been completed.
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